There are many engaged couples, business owners, and hosts that are looking for catering services in Texas for the first time, and maybe they haven’t thought about whether they need full-service catering. Or they may not know how much actually comes with booking a full-service catering package. Full services catering is all-encompassing and offers clients the ability to truly enjoy their event, but many don’t know how beneficial it can be! Gold Epicure wants you to know what you usually receive when you invest in full-service catering.

Menu options. Like other catering options, you are able to choose your menu for your event. Because we are a boutique catering company we create a custom menu just for you.

Food preparation.  Gold handles your food prep in a couple of ways. We typically cook on location over an open fire in front of your guests, and we also have a fully outfitted mobile kitchen that we can bring to your event if your venue is not well equipped for handling a large kitchen operation. In either scenario, you are not asked to assist and the venue is left spotless and cleaned by our staff.

Dining set up. We offer our clients plate rental options or work standard plate and silverware into your pricing. Aside from adding some of your own, personal decorations, you could very easily arrive at your event and not have to touch your settings. We collaborate with other vendors such as coordinators and florists to set your tablescape in a beautiful and efficient way.

Serving. Our staff is on site to help with your buffet or to walk from table to table to hand out plated dishes or platters for our famous family-style dinner service! full service means you’re being served! Gold staff members are experienced, well trained, and will help you much like any other waiting staff.

Clean up. Sometimes at the end of your event, the idea of cleaning is cumbersome! Full-service catering means you have to worry less about the odds and ends as the night winds down because your staff has already begun the cleaning process.

When searching for the perfect catering company near Austin, put Gold Epicure at the top of your list. Not only do we offer full-service family style service we also offer buffets and a number of other additional amenities, such as cocktail receptions, rental coordination, trash removal and more that will fit your needs and your budget. 

Let us help you create a menu customized for your special event. We specialize in outdoor, open flame cooking, which is an experience of its own. We can provide a meal or we can provide a turn-key event with full coordination, tablescape design, photography and more. To get started contact us here.



“The Gold team had my now wife crying tears of joy! We were so happy.”

Mark Redding

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“The folks behind our dinner created the perfect balance of a thought out, delicious meal with a casual, welcoming atmosphere.”

Stuart Green