Based in the heart of Lockhart, Texas we are a mobile gourmet dinner club, food truck, and a boutique catering company available for special events and pop-ups.

We specialize in gourmet farm-to-table style foods.

Our kitchen operates out of a custom fitted 1957 Chevy bread truck. We create gourmet food unlike anything you expect from a food truck. Mike, our chef, lived in Austin for 12 years and now lives in Lockhart, Texas. Mike grew up in his parent's restaurants and bakeries where he developed a love for fine foods and cooking. After hosting a number of successful pop-ups and BBQ's, and working as a farm-to-table program teacher for Ecofier Culinary Institute, we decided to develop Gold Epicure. At Gold Epicure we have a few options for dining with us.  you can join us for one of our pop-up dinners, or you can commission us to cater your wedding, film shoot or private event. 

We specialize in outdoor, open flame cooking, which is an experience of its own. We love to combine that with family style food service with a focus on superb customer service.

As much as possible, we source local and organic ingredients. 



Gold Epicure is a pop-up dinner team bringing fresh culinary talent to adventurous diners who are looking for something different than a traditional dining experience. We create, or help you create, an experience that combines interesting locations, great people, and amazing food.